The Palestinian ambassador to Baghdad praised Iraq’s position

The Palestinian ambassador to Baghdad praised Iraq’s position
Shafaq News / The Palestinian ambassador to Baghdad, Ahmed Akl, praised today, Saturday, the official, political and popular Iraqi position regarding the current events in Palestine.

Akl told Shafaq News Agency, "The Iraqi President, Barham Salih, announced in a phone call with the Palestinian President and Prime Minister that Iraq is ready to provide support to the Palestinian people."

Akl added that "the speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi also called for a meeting of Arab parliaments," noting that "all Iraqi political parties and forces had good positions."

He pointed out that "the most important Iraqi position was that of Ayatoah Sistani, in which he described what is happening in Palestine as a crime and that all Muslim Arabs should stand by the Palestinian people and support them in order to confront this aggression."

Akl pointed out that "the positions of the Iraqi people with the Palestinians were great through protests against what the Zionist entity is a acting," noting that "a major demonstration will take place in Tahrir Square in the center of the capital, Baghdad, and a number of Iraqi governorates."

He stressed that "the Palestinian people today do not need material support or arms and fighters, as much as they need the moral support that the Iraqi people provided to them."

Akl revealed, "The Iraqi government could also provide financial support," noting that "this has not yet been decided."

Akl sent a message to all Arab peoples through Shafaq News Agency, calling on them to "stand strongly and firmly by the Palestinian people in their battle against the occupation."

He also called on the Arab countries that "normalized with the occupying Zionist entity to end this normalization.

Akl added that "the countries that normalized with the Zionist entity issued statements but they are shameful," stressing that "the most important of their statements is to move on the international and regional levels to pressure the Zionist entity to stop its barbaric attack against the Palestinian people."

Regarding what is happening in Palestine, Akl pointed out that it is "a fierce Israeli attack against the Palestinian people, which began when the occupation soldiers attacked worshipers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque,

Akl added, "Israel is now working to systematically destroy buildings, buildings and homes," noting that "the number of children who have been martyred so far is more than a third of the number of those who have been martyred in the Gaza Strip, which is more than 130 martyrs and hundreds of wounded."

He pointed out that Israel "is determined to continue the bombing and destruction despite all international attempts to cease fire and return to calm."

Akl stressed, "The Palestinian people cannot give up their land… from now the Palestinian people rose up in all parts of Palestine and there is a martyr at every moment and everywhere."

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