Nechirvan Barzani or Fuad Hussein might be the next Iraqi President, Al-Siyada says

Nechirvan Barzani or Fuad Hussein might be the next Iraqi President, Al-Siyada says

Shafaq News/ A deputy of Al-Siyada Coalition, Mishaan al-Jubouri, revealed that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) might submit a replacement candidate for the Iraqi Presidency.

Al-Jubouri confirmed to Shafaq News Agency that KDP still considers Hoshyar Zebari his first candidate, but as a precaution, the Party will advance within Thursday; it might name another candidate."

"I think that KDP would nominate either the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, or the current Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, for the Presidency since both are acceptable in Baghdad."

"Any one of them could be the next President of Iraq." He said.

On Tuesday, the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Mohammad al-Halboosi, reopened the Presidency's candidature window after the legislative body failed to meet the quorum in the presidential election session on Monday.

The Supreme Federal Court suspended the candidacy of Hoshyar Zebari for Presidency.

The Court said in a statement that MPs Ali Turki Jassoum, Dilan Ghafour Salih, Karwan Ali Yarwis, and Karim Shakour Mohammad called for issuing a ruling against Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammad al-Halboosi, for announcing the list of Presidency candidates that includes Hoshyar Zebari.

The MPs said that the Parliament's acceptance of Zebari's candidacy violates the constitution.

The statement added that the Court accepted the representatives' request for suspending Zebari's candidacy.

Zebari commented today on the Federal Supreme Court's decision to suspend his candidacy for the position of President of the country.

"We respect the Federal Court's decision to temporarily suspend our candidacy until finalizing the complaint that was submitted by some of those who are still holding on the pre-reform era." He posted on Facebook.

He said, "We are sure that the Court will confirm that we have fulfilled the required conditions, which has already been confirmed by state institutions," adding, "Those rumors are nothing but whining from those who cling to power."

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