Iraqi forces act on ISIS resurgence warning in Al-Anbar

Iraqi forces act on ISIS resurgence warning in Al-Anbar

Shafaq News / A security source reported, on Saturday, the encirclement of a city in western Al-Anbar governorate after discovering publications belonging to ISIS.

The source informed Shafaq News Agency that "Iraqi security forces have closed off the entrances and exits of Al-Rumnana area in the Al-Qaim district, the westernmost part of Al-Anbar."

Furthermore, the source added that "security forces have initiated extensive search campaigns in Al-Rumana following the discovery of publications indicating the potential resurgence of ISIS."

ISIS is a militant extremist group that emerged in the early 2000s. It aims to establish a caliphate, or Islamic state, governed by strict Sharia law.

It gained global attention for its brutal tactics, including mass executions, kidnappings, and the persecution of religious and ethnic minorities.

At its peak, ISIS controlled significant territories in Iraq and Syria, but military efforts by various international coalitions, including the United States and local forces, have significantly weakened the group.

Despite territorial losses, ISIS remains a threat through its global network of sympathizers and affiliates, engaging in terrorist activities worldwide.

Just yesterday, "ISIS-Khorasan," an offshoot of ISIS operating actively in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and previously within Russia, has claimed responsibility for the attack that unfolded at Crocus City Hall just outside Moscow, resulting in the deaths of at least 62 people and leaving over 100 others wounded, in one of Russia's worst attacks in years.

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