Iraqi MoH: COVID-19 vaccine providers did not commit to the delivery dates

Iraqi MoH: COVID-19 vaccine providers did not commit to the delivery dates

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Minister of Health accused the companies supplying the country with COVID-19 vaccines of "Negligence".

Minister Hasan al-Tamimi said in a joint press conference with the interim governor of Dhi Qar, Abdul-Ghani Al-Asadi, "Iraq concluded 170million dollars contracts to buy COVID-19 vaccines and paid all the dues. However, the companies were negligent and did not deliver the vaccines to the country after giving three dates, the last of which 15/3/2021. The vaccine did not arrive until the moment."

" Iraq awaits the arrival of the vaccines in the upcoming days," he added, "we agreed with the vaccine providers on importing 18 million doses over several batches. We asked the citizens to register on the platforms."

"The government allocated 10billion dinars to confront COVID-19. Besides, eleven medical centers were established, some of which were put into service."

"Dhi Qar now conducts 2500 COVID-19 PCR tests daily, after supplying it with the proper equipment, after it used to perform merely a hundred a day."

"The Turkish hospital will be inaugurated in the governorate in April. It will start receiving patients in May."

He added, "medical supplies and equipment will arrive in the hospital soon. The Turkish hospital will be a huge medical city with a 600 beds capacity."

"The governorate will witness a medical revolution after passing the budget. Five hospitals and six dialysis centers will be established in the districts and sub-districts."

"The Ministry insisted upon establishing a pediatric cardiac surgery hospital in Dhi Qar Governorate."

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