Iraq’s PM shed light on his cabinet duties

Iraq’s PM shed light on his cabinet duties

Shafaq News/ Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia'a Al-Sudani said that the problems with Erbil could be resolved only based on the constitution and pledged to combat corruption in the country.

Al-Sudani met with several political analysts on Saturday and highlighted many issues, including security, education, and the economy.

"The challenges are obvious to us, and in light of them, we designed the ministerial program. We have one to three years to achieve our tracks."

Al-Sudani stressed, "We will open prohibited files in order to confront corruption, and we will start with reform in the institutions concerned with following up the corruption cases."

Concerning the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, Al-Sudani affirmed, "when we agree that the constitution is always the way to find a solution, then all the problems between Baghdad and Erbil would be solved. I spoke with the Kurdish officials about this matter."

The Prime Minister pointed out that the Iraqi position should be "unified” to address the attacks on the Iraqi borders (basically by Turkiye and Iran) and for Iraqi lands not to be "a site for any aggression against the neighboring countries."

He added that collaboration with the "brotherly and friendly" countries is to recover the looted Iraqi funds as Iraq is a member of the International Convention against Corruption and “has the right to demand its rights."

Al-Sudani considered the time killing of the US citizen Stephen Troll in Iraq intentional, accusing those who want to test the government of "standing behind the crime."

"I am personally following up on the investigations." He said.

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