PM Al-Sudani highlights the main issues in his ministerial program

PM Al-Sudani highlights the main issues in his ministerial program

Shafaq News/ On Thursday, PM-designate Muhammad Shia'a Al-Sudani delivered his official speech at the parliament highlighting his ministerial program and the cabinet.

Al-Sudani pointed out that the ministerial team "will shoulder the responsibility at this critical period in which the world is witnessing tremendous political and economic changes and conflicts, which will add new challenges to our country, which is already suffering from accumulated crises that have had economic, social, humanitarian and environmental impacts on our citizens."

The Prime Minister "promised" the Iraqis to exert "all possible efforts to succeed in addressing these challenges."

"The success of our ministerial program stems from our belief that the Iraqis, with their different convictions, beliefs, and affiliations, are all good sons of our beloved Iraq. By gathering around our leadership, they will form a foundation for the success of our government and openness to all political forces whether participating in the government or not."

"Our government is keen to increase the capabilities and effectiveness of local governments, as is the case in federal democratic systems around the world, and to find sustainable solutions to the outstanding issues with Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government through a true partnership based on rights and duties, and to guarantee the independence of the judiciary as stipulated in that constitution."

Concerning corruption, Al-Sudani said this issue has affected all aspects of life, is more deadly than the Corona pandemic, and has been the cause of many economic problems, "weakening the state's authority, increasing poverty, unemployment, and poor public services. Therefore, our government program will include policies and measures to combat corruption."

"We firmly believe that building a strong Iraqi economy will achieve significant change in services, creating many job opportunities and opening wide doors for investment, as it contributes to strengthening and improving the foundations of cooperation with the countries of the world based on the principle of shared interests and mutual respect for sovereignty."

Al-Sudani listed a set of principles to work on "building a modern economy," including stopping the deterioration affecting different sectors, financing and completing the new and delayed projects that directly impact the lives of the citizens and the public services provided to them, combating poverty and unemployment and empowering low-income people, modernizing the economy through the government's sponsorship of a vital economic driver based on investing in the enormous creative capacities of the youth.

He promised to work with the Council of Representatives and the Supreme Judicial Council to legislate, develop and update laws that support investment in line with the requirements of the modern economy.

Al-Sudani said returning the displaced is a priority in the government program and human rights and women's empowerment.

Regarding the armed forces, he pointed out that the new government will give the required care and support to our armed forces and security forces of all branches, labels, and formations because they are the guarantor of civil peace, the security of the country, and the rule of law.

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