Demonstrators storm the streets of Baghdad

Demonstrators storm the streets of Baghdad

Shafaq News / Several demonstrations took place in Baghdad today, Shafaq News agency's correspondents reported.

Protestors gathered in front of the Baghdad provincial council calling for better services, while dozens of excluded university lecturers demonstrated in front of the Ministry of education's building demanding reappointment.

In addition, artists and journalists called for releasing journalist Ahmed Mulla Talal and artist Iyad al-Ta'i.

Earlier today, employees organized demonstrations in Baghdad protesting the government's decision to raise black oil prices.

Social media bloggers reported that the protestors blocked the main road near al-Dawra refinery.

The protestors also erected tents and blocked the road, social media posts showed.

The Oil Products Distribution Company of the Ministry of Oil said in a statement that raising black oil prices does not mean lifting subsidies, but keeping them by 70%.

It added that the new pricing represents only 30% of a tonne of black oil in the international market.

The continuous disparity in oil prices prompted the government to create a balance between local and international prices to prevent smuggling, the statement added.

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