Al-Sudani: Strategic Framework maps Baghdad-Washington relations

Al-Sudani: Strategic Framework maps Baghdad-Washington relations

Shafaq News/ During his meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Washington, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani affirmed that the Strategic Framework Agreement is a roadmap for developing future relations between Baghdad and Washington.

Al-Sudani's media office said the discussions centered on "establishing long-term common ground, activating the Strategic Framework Agreement, and enhancing cooperation through the Joint High Coordination Committee between the two nations."

"Economic aspects and investment opportunities for American companies, particularly in energy sectors, were explored." Both sides stressed that "there is potential for expanded partnerships with the Iraqi private sector in key areas of the Iraqi market, fostering cooperation beneficial to both countries."

The Prime Minister highlighted the significance of the Strategic Framework Agreement in guiding future relations between Iraq and the United States.

The Strategic Framework Agreement is a 2008 pact between Baghdad and Washington; it serves as a vital blueprint for their bilateral relationship by establishing a foundation for cooperation across political, economic, security, and cultural spheres.

The agreement aims to support Iraq's economic growth and integration into the global marketplace, facilitate joint efforts on defense and security matters, and promote regional stability. Additionally, the agreement encourages educational exchange programs and initiatives that foster cultural understanding between the United States and Iraq.

The meeting also addressed crucial regional matters, including developments in Gaza, in which Al-Sudani "reiterated Iraq's firm stance against aggression," emphasizing the "shared responsibility to protect civilians and support efforts to prevent conflict escalation, thereby avoiding further casualties among the Palestinian people."

In turn, Blinken welcomed the Prime Minister's visit, affirming US support for Iraq's regional positions.

"The US administration backs a strong, democratic Iraq that promotes regional and international stability efforts, along with Iraq's initiatives to strengthen ties with neighboring nations." The statement added.

Blinken underscored Washington's support for Iraq's developmental and reform endeavors, particularly in gas investment and energy sector development, hoping this visit would lead to expanded cooperation between the two countries.

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