Al-Sadr confirms his "direct" follow-up to Sadrist activist assassination case

Al-Sadr confirms his "direct" follow-up to Sadrist activist assassination case

Shafaq News / On Thursday, the leader of the Sadrist Movement Muqtada al-Sadr stated that he personally and directly monitors the assassination case of activist Ayser al-Khafaji.

This came during a phone call Al-Sadr had with Al-Khafaji's mother, according to a statement from his media office.

After offering condolences, he assured them of his direct follow-up on the case with the judicial and legal authorities until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

On Wednesday, Al-Sadr had warned his supporters against what he described as "sedition" and interaction with "the corrupt militias," following the assassination of Al-Khafaji in Babil governorate.

Activist Ayser Al-Khafaji, associated with the Sadrist Movement, was kidnapped in Babil on Sunday, February 18, only to be found dead the next day.

Following news of his kidnapping, areas in Babil witnessed heightened security measures and the deployment of Saraya al-Salam (the military wing of the Sadrist Movement).

The Iraqi Ministry of Interior issued a statement on Monday, February 19, clarifying the circumstances of his killing as a "hit-and-run accident in Babil," noting that lawless elements are attempting to disrupt stability.

The ministry stated, "A group of lawless individuals ran over a citizen in front of his house in Abi Gharaq district in Al-Hilla city and took him to an unknown location. A specialized team within Babil Police Command conducted a search, investigation, and gathered information, finding the victim's body on Monday morning, dumped on the highway in the Jabla area."

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