Al-Hakim calls neighboring countries for conducting a “serious dialogue”

Al-Hakim calls neighboring countries for conducting a “serious dialogue”

Shafaq News/ The head of the National State Forces Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim, warned on Friday of the collapse of the political system in Iraq.

 Al-Hakim said in a Speech in the center of the capital, Baghdad, “ Imam Hussein led a revolution l against injustice, chaos,…rejecting violence, hypocrisy and lawlessness, counterfeiting, oppression, injustice and deprivation."

 “Our country has been subjected, during our modern history, to the worst internal and external agendas that aims to hit the  cohesion and divide the country geographically, ethnically and sectarianly”. He said 

 Al-Hakim added, "The world is changing, the region is changing, and the conditions have become appropriate to bring positive change to our Iraq…”

 He pointed out that, "Since the events of October 2019, we had a clear position, and we said at the time that the political scene in Iraq suffers from a real obstruction, and that we urgently need an effective change…and similarly, the government of Mustafa Al-Kadhimi was formed to perform two main tasks, which are to restore the prestige of the state, and to prepare for holding  early elections in a safe and fair environment that enables all Iraqis to choose their representative.”

 Al-Hakim called on "all the Iraqi national forces, which announced their withdrawal from the elections (led by Muqtada al-Sadr and the national, youth and civil parties and forces) to reconsider their decision and  participate in the elections."

 He pointed out that "the early elections have become a popular demand, and they must be held on time."

 He said, "The political system in Iraq is still subjected to obstacles that have restricted its growth and development, and the most prominent of these obstacles is political corruption.

 He added, "It is not possible to preserve the dignity and security of citizens without arresting criminals and murderers, and it is not possible to operate factories, flourish agriculture and revive the economy without prosecuting the corrupt and theft of public money. What we suffer from is lack of decision-making and responsibility."

 Ammar al-Hakim remarked "As we stress the importance of elections, we must remember that there are periodic meetings of the three presidencies, the leaders of political blocs, and other prominent officials  in the state.

 He stressed that "the National Wisdom Movement bears a national responsibility in facing the obstacles of the political system and working to develop the state,” calling for the Independent High Electoral Commission to make all efforts to conduct early elections.

 He also called for forming the next government directly after the elections.

 “We urgently need a new social and political contract through making constitutional amendments.”

“We must end accusing our security institutions, most notably the Popular Mobilization Forces.. and criminalizing anyone who infringes on the prestige of the state, and stopping accusing loyal members of all types of our armed forces.”

On the Iraqi foreign policy, he said “it cannot be made without full coordination with our domestic policy.. We do not want regional relations only for courtesy and taking photos.. We want relations based on our interests.. There are outstanding regional files.. most notably water, borders and targeting sovereignty..”

 He pointed out, "The Iraqi government's efforts to restore Iraq's relations with its surroundings, region and the world are appreciated efforts, which made Iraq an arena for regional and international understandings, agreements and dialogues, not an arena for destructive conflicts.”

 The head of the National State Forces Alliance renewed his previous call for the “brothers in the neighboring countries, led by Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and other countries in the region, to sit at the dialogue table in the service of the interests of our peoples in their present and future.”

 He pointed out, "We are facing an important and decisive stage in Iraq's modern history, either we are facing a strong country and a bold government capable of achieving the aspirations of Iraqis, or we are facing an unknown future that exposes everyone to real dangers."

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