Al-Alusi: Iraqi figures met Israelis

Al-Alusi: Iraqi figures met Israelis

Shafaq News / On Saturday, the Iraqi politician and former representative in the Iraqi parliament, Mithal Al-Alusi revealed a relationship between official Iraqi figures - without naming - and Israel.


Al-Alusi told Shafaq News agency, "Most of the post-2003 politicians have direct or indirect relations with Israel, and they have held many meetings with a number of Israeli personalities."


He stated, "One of the Iraqi prime ministers tried to meet with official Israeli figures, and his request was not met because they knew that he was trying to use them in order to remain in his position,"

 As one of the heads of the Iraqi parliament held meetings with Israeli personalities, and one of the foreign ministers of Iraq -not Kurdish- held meetings with Israelis.”


Al-Alusi added, "The meetings aimed to these Iraqi to remain in power or to cover up the thefts of those Iraqi figures, especially outside Iraq, in terms of real estate, investments and others."


On Tuesday, the Alusi called on the Iraqi government to normalize relations with Israel.

This comes at a time when the United States, Israel and the UAE announced an agreement to fully normalize relations between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv, in a first step for a Gulf capital.


The UAE became the third Arab country to have a peace agreement with Israel, after Jordan in 1994, and Egypt in 1979.

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