OPEC oil prices rise to more than 43 dollars


Shafaq News / OPEC announced, on Monday, that the daily OPEC basket price recorded more than 43 dollars per barrel.

"The price of the OPEC basket of 13 barrels of crude oil reached 43.02 dollars per barrel," the organization said in a statement reported to Shafaq News agency.

 The organization added that "the price rose from the previous day, which amounted to 42.99 dollars."

 The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) reference basket consists of the following: 

Saharan Blend (Algeria)

Girassol (Angola)

Oriente (Ecuador)

Rabi Light (Gabon)

Iran Heavy (Iran)

Basra Light (Iraq)

Kuwait Export (Kuwait)

Es Sider (Libya)

Bonny Light (Nigeria)

Arab Light (Saudi Arabia)

Murban (UAE)

Merey (Venezuela)

Zafiro (Equatorial Guinea)

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