Economy in Diyala recovers as the local trade with some areas in Kurdistan increases


Shafaq News / A government official in Diyala Governorate announced an increase in the local trade with some areas in the Kurdistan Region.

The director of Qara Tapa town, Wasfi Al-Tamimi, told Shafaq News agency that the flow of various commercial convoys of goods, vegetables and fruits from Garmyan administration has saved the district from major living problems affecting the majority of the district's residents, due to the isolation of the district from the other administration is in Diyala.

Al-Tamimi stressed that prices in Qara Tapa are stable and suitable for all segments of society, affirming the absence of any food crisis in the area.

Qara Tapa is located 112 km northeast of Baquba and includes 66 villages. Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen inhabit it.

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