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World's first antibacterial smartphone

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Date: 2020-11-21T13:25:53+0000
World's first antibacterial smartphone

Shafaq News/ The world's first antibacterial phone which stops the spread of germs has been built by a Reading-based company called Bullitt. According to Daily Mail 

Called the Cat S42, it is the entry-level device made by the firm and is built to be tough, durable and versatile.

The S42 is also waterproof up to 1.5 meters (five feet) for 35 minutes and, as part of testing, was repeatedly dropped onto steel from 6ft (1.8m) in the air.

Its gorilla glass and stainless steel case is unfazed by such drops, and is also immune to dirt, dust, severe temperature swings and vibrations.

Cat is adapting its devices to embrace a world shook by the coronavirus pandemic.

The CAT S62 Pro device, the big brother of the S42, is a regular-looking Android device with a sleek design and a FLIR thermal camera.

It can currently be bought for £229 but models equipped with the Biomaster antimicrobial technology will not be available until early 2021.

The hardy handset's makers say the device is completely waterproof and should be regularly washed with soaps and water, sanitisers, and even bleach to keep it clean.

'This is vital for those among our customers working within a health or social care setting, and those visiting multiple sites for their job,' said Peter Cunningham, Vice President at Bullitt Group.

Professor Peter Hall from the University of Waterloo believes phones should be cleaned twice a day.

Alcohol wipes are best suited to kill the virus, but Apple recommends using a microfibre cloth and soapy water.


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