Walid Jumblatt: Lebanon will not be drawn into war with Israel

Walid Jumblatt: Lebanon will not be drawn into war with Israel

Shafaq News / Renowned Lebanese politician Walid Jumblatt affirmed that Lebanon will not be drawn into a war against Israel, stating that the Israeli government aims to displace the largest possible group of Arabs from Gaza.

In an interview with Russia Today's "Qusara Al-Qawl" program, Jumblatt pointed out, "Following Al-Aqsa Flood Operation, the Israeli response was indiscriminate, targeting civilians and military personnel alike. The enormous losses were witnessed among civilians, children, buildings, neighborhoods, and areas flattened to the ground. Israelis told the people of Gaza to go south. The people of Gaza left for the south. Today, Israel wants to attack the south and Rafah. Where will these people go under bombardment?"

He emphasized, "Practically, the Israeli government wants to displace the largest possible number of Arabs from Gaza, whether willingly or by force, repeating the tragedy of 1948 when 700,000-800,000 Palestinians were displaced to Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, and Gaza."

Responding to a question about whether Israel is attempting to kill as many Palestinians as possible, Jumblatt replied, "This appears to be the scene if these countries (neighboring countries Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria) with the countries supporting aggression, particularly the United States and the West, could demand a ceasefire - not a humanitarian one as seen over a week - and enter political negotiations. But until this moment, based on the statements of the Israeli government, it means continuing the war of killing and extermination against the Palestinian people."

He pointed out, "Temporary and limited humanitarian ceasefires and opening crossings have no value. Look at what happened to hospitals and what will happen in Rafah. There are 16,000 or more deaths," emphasizing that "the US can rein in Israel if it wishes because it supplies arms and bombs and provides money to Israel."

Jumblatt added, "Hezbollah's Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah spoke twice and said that there is a front supporting Hamas and the Palestinian people from Lebanon. I said then and I insist that we will not be drawn into war against Israel. Who entered a war and knew how to get out of it? None. Pulling the trigger is not the same as telling the bullet to come back."

He also noted, "There are no rules of engagement agreed upon between Hezbollah and Israel. There is a ceasefire that occurred in 2006, and Resolution 1701 was issued. We must all respect the UN resolution because if it is violated, international forces will withdraw, and we will face a full-scale war, which is not in favor of Lebanon or anyone among the influential figures in Lebanon or in the region."

Regarding whether Arab countries can influence regional decisions, Jumblatt said, "I say to some Arab countries, some do not learn from each other's lessons. However, to avoid further disasters that may come to the Arab world, for example, the displacement of most of Gaza's population to Sinai or Egypt, and the displacement of the people of the West Bank to East Jordan. This is a national catastrophe and an attempt to eliminate the Palestinian issue."

He continued, "Palestinians who lived peacefully with Jews are paying the price for Nazi and European fascism. When the West comes out with the slogan of 'Beware of fighting Semitism', it forgets that Ishmael, the Arab's grandfather, and Isaac, the Jews' grandfather, are cousins. We are also Semitic."

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