Russia’s Putin claims "demilitarisation" strategy against Ukraine

Russia’s Putin claims "demilitarisation" strategy against Ukraine

Shafaq News/ Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that the recent airstrikes on Ukraine's energy grid are part of the Kremlin's strategy to "demilitarise" its neighbor.

During a meeting at the Kremlin with Belarus counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, Putin elaborated on the motives behind these strikes, citing an attempt to influence Ukraine's military-industrial complex. He also justified the attacks as a response to the alleged targeting of Russia's energy infrastructure by Kyiv, including oil refineries, as the conflict enters its third year.

"We have seen recently a series of strikes on our energy sites and we were obliged to respond," Putin asserted, pointing out that “Russia had refrained from targeting Ukrainian electrical installations during the winter months due to humanitarian concerns.”

“The aim was not to disrupt essential services such as hospitals and social infrastructure.” He said.

Putin also reiterated Russia's position regarding potential aggression beyond Ukraine, dismissing suggestions by Ukraine's Western allies that Russia harbored plans to attack other European countries.

Since late March, Russia has intensified its attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, resulting in significant damage to the country's power system and triggering emergency power cuts in certain regions.

The latest onslaught included approximately 40 drone attacks on Thursday alone, culminating in the destruction of a power station in the Kyiv region.

The Ukrainian military reported shooting down 16 out of 17 drones used in the attacks. Additionally, Russia deployed a Kh-59 guided air missile during the assault, as confirmed by Ukrainian authorities via the Telegram messaging app.

The aftermath of the attacks saw a fire erupt at an energy facility due to drone debris, although no casualties were reported.

Emergency services swiftly responded to extinguish the blaze, ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding area.

Moreover, critical infrastructure in the Kherson region suffered damage, alongside seven private residences, though local officials reported no casualties.

The escalation of hostilities in the energy sector underscores the growing complexity of the conflict and its ramifications on essential services and civilian infrastructure. The international community continues to monitor developments closely, with diplomatic efforts ongoing to de-escalate tensions and seek a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

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