New confirmed Covid-19 case recorded in Halabja


Shafaq News / A new case of Corona virus has been registered in Halabja Governorate today, an official medical source reported.

"Martyr Ali Shiites" medical center recorded the first case of Corona virus in Khormal district affiliated to Halabja, the source told Shafaq News Agency.

The source explained that the infected man is 58

Meanwhile, the Health Directorate of Sulaymaniyah Province has called on the residents of "Kurdstat" area to conduct medical tests of Corona virus after the imam and preacher of areas’ mosque was confirmed to be infected with Corona .

We ask every resident of " Kurdstat " area to conduct corona test as well as those who prayed in Mahalla Mosque after its Imam was infected in   Sulaymaniyah , The Health Directorate's spokesman, Dr. Yad Naqshbandi, told Shafaq News Agency.

"We do not exclude to quarantine this neighborhood or the entire region if other cases are recorded." He added

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