Peshmerga troops gather in al-Sulaymaniya for banking card distribution

Peshmerga troops gather in al-Sulaymaniya for banking card distribution

Shafaq News / Hundreds of Peshmerga troops gathered in al-Sulaymaniya, as well as in surrounding areas like Khanaqin and Daquq, on Wednesday in front of the Malkandy bank to receive their credit cards under the "My Account" system.

One of the troops from Khanaqin informed Shafaq News Agency, "We belong to the Second Support Forces of the 70th Forces. We arrived at 3:00 AM after being notified yesterday evening to collect our banking credit cards under the My Account system."

He added, "Along with hundreds of other troops from various Peshmerga brigades, we have been gathering to collect the cards. However, many of us have not received them yet, and the names of many of us have not been called out so far. There is significant pressure on this bank, and we do not expect it to accommodate such a large number of troops."

He urged the relevant authorities to "increase the number of staff and open additional banks to distribute the banking credit cards for smoother and faster distribution."

The MyAccount program is endorsed and implemented closely with the Central Bank of Iraq to localize all the salaries. The initiative aims to "provide public sector beneficiaries with a safe and convenient way to access their salaries."

On February 21, the Federal Supreme Court, the highest judicial authority in Iraq, decided to obligate Prime Ministers Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani and Masrour Barzani to localize the salaries of employees and workers in the public sector at federal banks.

Economists cast doubt on the feasibility of the Kurdistan Region complying with the Federal Court's decision within one month.

Economic expert Karwan Hama Salih dismissed the one-month deadline for localization, deeming it impossible for such a massive undertaking. 

Salih explained to Shafaq News Agency, "Opening bank accounts for all employees, even in developed countries, typically requires six months to a year."

"The Iraqi government is set to endorse three banks for the localization of employee salaries, Rafidain Bank, Al-Rasheed Bank, and Trade Bank of Iraq," suggesting that authorizing departments to receive salaries directly from approved banks until the completion of the account-opening process.

In an interview with Monte Carlo International, the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), leader Masoud Barzani expressed regret for the recent Court's decisions, considering them biased against the Region. 

"Unfortunately, all the decisions of the Federal Court are heavily biased against the Region…Its decisions are unjust and unfair, distinctly against the Region."

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