National Coalition Leader Rejects Return of Dictatorship and Monopoly of Power in Iraq

National Coalition Leader Rejects Return of Dictatorship and Monopoly of Power in Iraq

Shafaq News/ Iyad Allawi, the leader of Iraq's National Coalition, has voiced his strong opposition to the possibility of a return to a dictatorial regime and the concentration of power in Iraq.

Allawi's statement follows Jordan's granting of a political activity license to the "Arab Socialist Baath Party," a move that has sparked anger among several political parties in Iraq.

Describing Saddam Hussein's regime as marked by unilateralism and repressive policies, Allawi acknowledged the presence of patriotic Iraqis who opposed Saddam's rule due to its abuse of power and involvement in internal and external conflicts, including the war with Iran and the invasion of Kuwait.

Allawi further noted the persecution and elimination of patriotic and opposition figures, including members of the Baath Party itself, who sought to seize and consolidate power.

In the aftermath of Saddam's regime, Allawi expressed hope for a new era in Iraq characterized by unity, the realization of citizen potential, and the protection of the nation's safety, harmony, and sovereignty. However, he expressed deep concern over Iraq's division, citing political isolation, marginalization, exclusion, and sectarian quotas as factors fueling conflicts within Shiite, Kurdish, and Sunni communities.

Allawi criticized the emergence of divisive labels such as minorities and quotas, emphasizing their detrimental impact on the concept of citizenship and the nation's susceptibility to external interference.

Highlighting the primary objective of building a democratic Iraq that ensures security, stability, and prosperity for all citizens, Allawi blamed overt external interventions for obstructing and opposing this national project.

While acknowledging the necessity of reflecting on the past to rectify the current political process, he firmly stated that the Iraqi people would not accept a resurgence of dictatorship.

Allawi reiterated his commitment, alongside other honorable national forces, to steer Iraq back toward faithful citizenship. He pledged to prevent the return or establishment of any unilateral dictatorial regime, emphasizing the need to address alternatives to the current policies through scientific and measured approaches rather than succumbing to extremism.

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