Iraqi soldier killed and another Wounded in ISIS attacks

Iraqi soldier killed and another Wounded in ISIS attacks

Shafaq News/ An Iraqi soldier was killed in a targeted attack believed to be orchestrated by ISIS militants on Tuesday. The incident unfolded in the Al-Resala neighborhood of Tarmiyah, located north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

According to a security source, armed assailants targeted an Iraqi army station within the Al-Resala neighborhood, resulting in the death of a deputy officer. In the aftermath of the attack, a civilian nearby sustained injuries.

The source did not provide further details.

In Diyala, another Iraqi soldier was injured during an armed attack by ISIS members.

According to a security source, the assailants targeted an army security point on the outskirts of the Bani Saad district, approximately 20 km southwest of Baquba.

In response, army personnel engaged the attackers, prompting them to retreat.

The injured soldier was subsequently transported to a hospital for medical treatment.

While ISIS has been significantly weakened since 2014, sporadic attacks continue, particularly in remote areas, emphasizing the persistent threat the group poses in some areas of Iraq.


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