Iraqi PM stresses protecting the constitution, honoring martyrs’ sacrifices

Iraqi PM stresses protecting the constitution, honoring martyrs’ sacrifices

Shafaq News / Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani attended a celebration held in Baghdad on Friday, marking the anniversary of the foundation of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq (AAH).

During the event, Prime Minister Al-Sudani delivered a speech in which he commended the journey of AAH in national jihadistic efforts.

He honored the sacrifices of the movement’s martyrs who bravely fought against terrorism, according to the PM’s media office.

Al-Sudani emphasized the movement's “pivotal role in supporting the state's efforts post-ISIS,” acknowledging their contribution alongside the armed forces and Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF).

He stressed the government's “commitment to sustainable development, buoyed by broad parliamentary and popular support.”

The PM also outlined the focus on “production, infrastructure development, economic stimulation, job creation, and sovereignty reinforcement.”

“We all bear the responsibility of enforcing the law, building the edifice of justice, equality, and institutional stability.”

Additionally, he stressed “upholding state authority, protecting the constitution, and honoring the sacrifices of martyrs.”

“Those who have endured persecution and the harshness of dictatorship are most deserving of national efforts to consolidate sovereignty and protect its constitutional governmental institutions,” added the PM, as per his media office.

Noteworthy, AAH is a Shiite armed group in Iraq. It was formed in 2006 as a splinter faction of the Mahdi Army, led by the Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq gained notoriety for its attacks against US and Global Coalition forces during the Iraq War and has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United States.

AAH is one of the prominent groups within the PMF. Despite its designation as a terrorist organization, Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq has played a significant role in the fight against ISIS and has maintained influence in Iraqi politics and security affairs through its participation in the PMF.

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