Iraqi Foreign Ministry condemns Erbil rockets attack

Iraqi Foreign Ministry condemns Erbil rockets attack

Shafaq News / Iraqi Foreign Ministry issued on Tuesday a statement condemning Erbil rockets attack.

 “We condemn the terror attack at Erbil Airport and the sites near diplomatic consulates…the Iraqi government will take all necessary steps to fight terrorist remnants and to continue the war against these groups." The Ministry said.

The Ministry thanked for the international solidarity with the Iraqi people," noting that "investigations are continuing by a joint committee of the federal security agencies and the Kurdish government…to hold the perpetrators accountable."

A rocket attack in Kurdistan ’Erbil on Monday killed a civilian contractor and injured others.

International and national parties condemned the attack.

The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, strongly condemned the "terrorist" attack calling on the UN Security Council and the United Nations to take the risks of this attack seriously and work to end the dangers that threaten the Kurdistan Region by helping the federal government implement the Iraqi constitution, especially Article 140.

For his part, the Iraqi President, Barham Salih, described the attack as a dangerous escalation, adding, "targeting Erbil, which caused casualties, represents a dangerous escalation and a criminal terrorist act targeting national efforts to protect the country's security and the safety of citizens. We have no choice but to enhance our efforts to root out the terrorism forces and the attempts to plunge the country into Chaos."

“We deplore the deadly rocket attack on Erbil. Such heinous, reckless acts pose grave threats to stability. Iraq must be shielded from (external) rivalries. We call for restraint and for close Baghdad-Erbil collaboration to bring culprits to justice.” UNAMI said.

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