Iraq's MOFA to summon the Iranian Ambassador over the Erbil attack

Iraq's MOFA to summon the Iranian Ambassador over the Erbil attack

Shafaq News/ On Wednesday, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein pledged to summon the Iranian Ambassador and hand him a note of protest against the recent attacks on Iraqi Kurdistan.

"We must defend the Iraqi sovereignty, the Iraqi citizen, and the Iraqi territory by using all means but violence," Hussein said at the Al-Rafidain Forum.

Concerning the repeated Turkish attacks in northern Iraq against PKK fighters, Hussein said, "We filed to the Security Council a complaint against the Turkish bombardment on Zakho district, and the investigations are continuing," pledging to condemn the Iranian bombing that targeted the Soran area in Erbil days ago by summoning the Iranian Ambassador, Mohammad-Kazem Al Sadeq.

"The armed organizations and parties are a problem in Iraq such as the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), an armed Turkish party, moved to Iraq, and made the trouble to the Iraqi government and the Kurdish government." The Minister said.

Hussein considered the ties between some Iraqi politicians and other countries are not in the interest of Iraq, "we need the Iraqi politicians to support the Iraqi state's foreign policy."

A conflict of power had spurred between Iran and Turkey over Iraq by intensifying drone and artillery attacks against Kurdish opposition members in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The most recent Turkish military operation, Operation Claw Lock, is the latest phase of a campaign begun in 2019 to purge PKK bases in the region.  

In turn, Iran artillery intensively struck the Soran district in Kurdistan, saying it targeted Komala forces.

In Iraq, Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government have publicly condemned the attacks as violations of the country's sovereignty, but these protests haven't expanded beyond pro forma demarches.

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