Iran's Ambassador: our armed forces helped Iraq in combatting terrorism

Iran's Ambassador: our armed forces helped Iraq in combatting terrorism

Shafaq News/ The Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad, Iraj Masjedi, called on Iraqi officials to cooperate and dialogue with Tehran out of the media.

Today, the Iranian embassy held a ceremony on the 43rd anniversary of the Iranian revolution in the presence of Iraqi politicians and diplomatic missions.

"Iran and Iraq need each other, and they must cooperate in economic, political, defense, security, and social fields while respecting the sovereignty of the two countries."

The Iranian Ambassador stressed the need for the two countries not to talk to each other through media outlets," adding, "In my meetings with Iraqi officials, I confirm that the two countries' delegations should discuss issues at negotiating table in Baghdad or Tehran."

On the security file, Masjedi indicated that "not even one terrorist infiltrate to Iraq from Iran, but rather our armed forces helped the Iraqi forces, the Popular Mobilization Forces and the Peshmerga." In defeating terrorism.

Economically, Masjedi said, "Today, Tehran provides 1200 megawatts of electricity to Iraq."

He added, "We are ready to cooperate in the gas, water, and electricity issues."

Concerning exporting gas to Iraq, the Ambassador affirmed that "the export process has never been suspended," adding, "In the summer, we increase the level of supply."

"Cooperation would take place in the water issue, and the delegations should reach an understanding on this matter."

"Be confident that the Iranian government will do its utmost to cooperate with the Iraqi government and people." He concluded.

In Iraq, most of the officials of the ruling class have little ability to divorce themselves from their powerful neighbor.

When ISIS invaded and occupied almost one-third of Iraq's territory, the Iranians were the first to offer help, placing many of their capabilities at Iraq's disposal.

According to the Atlantic Council, the economic relations between Iraq and Iran have been moving on an upward trajectory since 2003, with a trade exchange of $12 billion annually and a plan to raise it to $20 billion in the foreseeable future. Much of this exchange is Iranian exports to Iraqi markets.

Despite US sanctions, Iran exports much-needed fuel for Iraqi electricity generation, and, in peak times, Iranian electricity is also exported (with US government-approved waivers). The Council said.

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