Hickey: Britain does not have any hidden agendas related to Iraq

Hickey: Britain does not have any hidden agendas related to Iraq

Shafaq News / The British ambassador to Baghdad, Stephen Hickey, said on Thursday that his country supports restoring security, stability and economic and political development in Iraq.

This came in a seminar on British policy in Iraq, held in Erbil, in which the ambassador reviewed the most prominent points related to the topic.

Hickey said, "Iraq is an important country for Britain, and the relations between the two sides, in addition to the Kurdistan Region, go back to the beginning of the last century", adding, "Iraq faced great challenges, including the invasion of ISIS", which he said it threatened the whole world. 

"Britain does not have any hidden agendas related to Iraq, and we want it and the region to develop", adding, "We want to strengthen government institutions in Erbil and Baghdad, as stability will not be achieved unless there are strong institutions, a strong army, a strong judiciary, and a strong government", he added.

Hickey pointed out, "we want to build economic relations with Baghdad", noting, "Britain knows well that the threat of terrorism to the country continues. It has forces within the Global Coalition. We are proud to work with the Peshmerga and Iraqi forces.

Hickey added, "Regarding the disputed and liberated areas; We do not want ISIS to take advantage of social problems, deprivation, and poverty in those areas, and it should not be allowed to return that way."

The British ambassador to Baghdad stressed that the elimination of the organization is not limited to the military side, but rather a strong economic ground must be created to prevent its return.

In another context, regarding the security situation in the country, Hickey said that the security in Erbil is better, and there are challenges in Baghdad represented by the militias and their influence in the Iraqi capital.

However, He said that The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, and Prime Minister Masrour Barzani support the development of the private sector and not completely relying on oil revenues. 

"No international force cannot solve these problems unless Iraq relies on itself", noting, "there are good economic resources in Iraq…the new generation of politicians in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region can make a difference in the future."

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