Al-Sudani meets Iraqi community in Egypt

Al-Sudani meets Iraqi community in Egypt

Shafaq News / During his current visit to Cairo, Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani met with members of the Iraqi community residing in Egypt on Monday. The meeting took place during a dinner reception held at the Iraqi embassy building in Cairo.

According to an official statement, Al-Sudani expressed his pride in meeting with members of the Iraqi community, who represent a miniature Iraq with diverse backgrounds and orientations, reflecting the kindness, values, and principles of Iraqis.

He highlighted the purpose of his visit to Egypt, which aims to strengthen cooperation with the brothers in various fields. He also discussed the government's commitment to reconstruction and development, in order to fulfill the aspirations of all Iraqis and create a secure and stable Iraq. M

The Prime Minister affirmed the historical ties between Iraq and Egypt and the significance of the roles played by Baghdad and Cairo in the Arab and regional arenas. He expressed gratitude for Egypt's support to Iraq in various stages, especially in the fight against terrorism, and commended the moderate discourse of the revered Al-Azhar institution.

Al-Sudani further stated that the Iraqi-Jordanian-Egyptian cooperation, established by previous governments, is of great interest to his government and has been included in the ministerial agenda, expressing seriousness to enhance cooperation with Egypt.

During his visit to Egypt, the Prime Minister was accompanied by a number of private sector businessmen from Iraq, highlighting the capable and active role of the private sector. He emphasized that the state's interest and government direction require the private sector to be a partner in economic and trade relations with brothers and friends, a principle adopted by the government.

Al-Sudani stated, "The government has put forth a realistic and implementable program, as reflected in the three-year budget, which represents the government's program. It will serve as a catalyst for financial and economic stability in the country." He affirmed that after the budget is passed, there will be a plan for Iraq to become a workshop for construction and development in all provinces.

Regarding foreign relations, Al-Sudani stated that his government has adopted the principle of productive diplomacy in its foreign relations, based on mutual respect, common interests, and economic partnerships.

Al-Sudani concluded by mentioning that Iraq has become a pivotal country in the region through its role in resolving crises and bridging perspectives.

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