Al-Kadhimi to form a new investigative committee

Al-Kadhimi to form a new investigative committee

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi decided on Sunday to form an investigative committee to deal with the issues of "major corruption and exceptional crimes", announcing the end of the first phase of the fact-finding campaign on the committed violations against the demonstrators in October.

Al-Kadhimi called on those concerned with the peaceful political process, "to prepare for honest competition under the legal rules, with early and fair elections".


The investigative committee will be granted the required powers to achieve the prestige of the law and restore the rights of the state and the citizens", Al-Kadhimi said in a speech on the occasion of Ashura anniversary.

Al-Kadhimi said, "We started counting the victims of the demonstrations to compensate them", stressing, "law will be applied on everyone who caused damage to private or general properties".

He indicated that attacks on the security services and medical staff will be faced with the strictest legal measures".


rly elections are our firm commitment to the Iraqi people", calling on Iraqis to prepare to renew their biometric cards, which are necessary to ensure the integrity of the elections.

Regarding the recent assassinations and kidnappings that occurred in Iraq recently, Al-Kadhimi indicated that, "the security forces are conducting extensive investigations that we will announce upon completion."

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