Iraq, Aramco sign a deal on developing the western Akkas Gas Field


Shafaq News/ Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Oil Minister Hayan Abdul Ghani, on Thursday heralded a landmark agreement with Saudi oil giant, Aramco, to invest in and develop the Akkas gas field in the western Anbar governorate.

The deal, slated to invigorate the development and investment prospects of the Akkas gas field in the western Anbar governorate, promises to further consolidate the energy collaboration between the two nations.

In his address to the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council, Abdul Ghani said the venture is primed to reach an output of up to 400 million standard cubic feet per day.

"The crux of our endeavor, with regards to the Akkas gas field, is to elevate its output capacity to 400 million standard cubic feet per day," he said, "this collaboration embodies our commitment to robust investment and development."

In addition to the Akkas gas field endeavor, Abdul Ghani spotlighted a pioneering agreement with Saudi Arabia, one that envisages a considerable contribution towards the 'Nebras' project.

"Our preliminary agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, pertaining to the 'Nebras' project, heralds a game-changing epoch in the petrochemical industry," he continued, "this venture stands to fortify Iraq's standing in the Middle East's industrial landscape."

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