An Iraqi ban creates a major crisis in Turkey


Shafaq News/ The Turkish Zaman newspaper reported that the Iraqi government's ban on the importation of eggs from Turkey has created a major crisis for Turkish egg producers.

In the past 20 days, Turkish egg producers have been forced to kill one million chickens after failing to provide their fodder.

As of the first of May, Iraqi authorities have begun banning Turkish imports of eggs, which account 20 percent of Turkish egg exports, according to the newspaper.

The newspaper pointed out that the increase in the supply of eggs in the local market resulted in a significant decline in prices within Turkey, citing representatives from that sector, it should be noted that 8 egg producers have gone bankrupt since the beginning of the embargo because of their inability to meet their expenses while farmers had to slaughter 17 million chickens, The last 20 days have witnessed the execution of one million chickens because of the long waiting in the slaughtering houses.

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