Turkey renews the attacks on Kurdistan region's border areas


Shafaq News/ Two local officials in Kurdistan Region reported today, Monday, the renewal of Turkish artillery shelling on border villages, northern the region.

"A Turkish artillery attack targeted villages in Pradost district, north of Erbil, without causing any casualties," Ihsan Chalabi, director of Sidkan sub-district of Soran District in Erbil, told Shafaq News agency.

Chalabi indicated, "the bombing ignited a fire in large areas of pastures in the area."

For his part, the director of the Darkar sub-district of Zakho district, Northern Duhok, Zirvan Moussa, told Shafaq News agency, "this afternoon, Turkish artillery bombed Istablan region between the villages of Bahir and Barkh, north of the district."

Moussa added, "Turkish artillery dropped more than 20 shells in the area, which ignited the fire in more than 40 dunums of agricultural land in the vicinity of the two villages," noting that, "smoke still rises from the bombed area."

The Turkish shelling over the past weeks has resulted in human and material losses.

The Turkish attacks sparked condemnation of Kurdistan Regional Government, which also demanded Kurdistan Workers' party fighters to leave the region to avoid tensions.

Baghdad also condemned the Turkish attacks, summoned the Turkish ambassador twice, and delivered two strongly worded protest notes, as the federal government deployed border guards at several points in Duhok Governorate, on the borders with Turkey.

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