Damascus hosts a Iraqi-Syrian assembly on water resources


Shafaq News/ The Syrian capital city, Damascus, on Thursday hosts the activities of an Iraqi-Syrian assembly to kick off the ninth phase of the International Government Hydrology Program amid "major changes induced by climate and drought," according to Iraqi and Syrian officials.

According to Syria's official news agency, SANA, the assembly held at the Damarose hotel is a sequel of a series of meetings that began back in 1975.

The Syrian Minister of Water Resources, Tamam Raad, said on the sidelines of the event that "launching the ninth phase of the program in partnership with the Iraqi side engenders from the resemblance of the challenges facing the water sector in the two countries."

His Iraqi counterpart, Mahdi Rachid al-Hamdani, said that cooperation became a must since the climate changes that struck both countries are not expected to abate anytime soon.

"The program helps exchanging views, involving all the relevant sectors and ministries in both countries in raising awareness of the use of modern technology and deploying modern irrigation systems," he added. 

The head of Iranq's national center to manage water resources, Hatem Hussein, said that the meeting helps achieving" sustainable development" via exchanging expertise and implementing joint projects. 

"The strategy of the program revolves around several axes, including the establishment of a platform for national and international databases, and cooperation against climate change between the two states," he added.

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