USA: more than six million cases of Covid-19


Shafaq News / On Monday, the United States exceeded the 6 million cases of Coronavirus, while the death toll exceeded 183 thousand. 

Johns Hopkins University, which is following up the developments of the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States, reported that the number of infections in the country currently stands at 6002615, including 183,203 deaths ( 3.05% of the total of cases), and 2153939 recoveries (35.88%).

The United States ranks the first in the world in the number of infections (23.73% of the worldwide cases), and it is also the first in the death toll (21.62% of the worldwide deaths).

The US President, Donald Trump, is facing widespread criticism because of his administration's handling of the pandemic, which increases doubts about his chances of winning the upcoming presidential elections in November 2020.

Conflicts between the federal government, state governors and city mayors persist regarding the best way to deal with the pandemic, which has led to conflicting rules on matters such as wearing masks in public places and when to allow shops and institutions to reopen.

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