"Violent" strikes hit Taji camp, north of Baghdad


Shafaq News / An official security source in Baghdad said on Saturday that  "heavy" strikes hit Taji camp, north of the Iraqi capital, in which American forces are present, after 3 days of similar strikes that killed and wounded American and British soldiers.

The source told "Shafaq News", "Taji camp, north of the capital, Baghdad, was hit this morning by Katyusha rockets that targeted American forces present in the camp."

According to the source, "the American wing in the camp was targeted by about 18 rockets," adding that " fire and smoke are rising from the camp's facilities."

It is not yet clear how many were wounded as a result of the strike.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi camp of Taji, north of the capital, Baghdad, was under strikes by Katyusha rockets last Wednesday evening, killing two American and British soldiers from the international coalition forces, in addition to wounding 12 others, which prompted the American aircraft to carry out air strikes on security and military sites belonging to the Iraqi forces and the popular mobilization forces , it also targeted Karbala airport - under construction -

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