UN on the line of the protests crisis in Iraq


Shafaq News/ The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq, ,Jenin Hennes-Blachart  expressed on Wednesday her deep concern over the violence that accompanied some demonstrations in Baghdad and other provinces, calling for restraint.

In a statement issued today, the Special Representative reiterated the right to protest and said: Everyone has the right to speak freely in accordance with the law.

She urged the authorities to restraint in dealing with the protests to ensure the safety of peaceful demonstrators while maintaining law and order protecting citizens and public and private property.

Thousands of people demonstrated in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad demanding services, improving living conditions, providing jobs for the unemployed, eliminating widespread unemployment in the society, and the widespread financial and administrative corruption in the state departments and institutions.

The Iraqi government announced the death of a demonstrator and the injury of 200 others, including security elements in the demonstrations in Baghdad yesterday.

Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief , Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Tuesday that his government had begun investigating about the victims of protesters and security forces who fall in protests in the federal capital Baghdad and other provinces.

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