UN identifies 160 ISIS involved in killing Yezidis in Iraq


Shafaq News/ UN investigators have identified 160 ISIS members accused of killing Yazidis in 2014 and are preparing lawsuits against them, the head of the UN Security Council's team of investigators said.

 The UN team of investigators, set up by the UN Security Council, began working a year ago to gather evidence for future prosecutions of ISIS actions that may amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide.

 "With regard to the Yezidi community alone and the crimes against them, we have identified more than 160 people who committed massacres against Yezidis," said Karim Asad Ahmed Khan, head of the UN team "We are focusing our work on preparing strong cases for each in the hope that they will be brought to the local courts."

 UN experts warned in June 2016 that ISIS was committing a war of extermination against Yezidis in Syria and Iraq to destroy the minority religious community through murder, slavery and other crimes.

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