The Presidency and the government send a request to Parliament to declare a state of emergency for a month


Shafaq News / The Presidency and the government of Iraq sent on Sunday a request to the Presidency of Parliament to declare a state of health emergency in the country, to counter the outbreak of Corona virus, after the number of infections exceeded 100 cases throughout the country.

The Presidency of the Republic said in a brief statement, reported to Shafaq News, that "the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister sent a request to the President of the Parliament to declare a state of health emergency for 30 days, which can be extended in accordance with Article 61 of the Constitution."

The number of infected people in Kurdistan Region increased to 29 cases Sunday of the new corona virus, including one death and one recovered, while confirmed infections throughout Iraq exceeded the 100 infections, including 10 deaths, and 24 cases of recovery.

Authorities in Sulaimaniyah and Erbil have imposed a curfew since Friday night - Saturday for 48 hours in an effort to curb the outbreak of   Coronavirus.

It is noteworthy that the crisis cell in the governorates of Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Salahuddin, Maysan, Dhi Qar, Babil, Nineveh, Karbala and Kirkuk decided to impose a curfew, at a time when the governorates of Basra, Kirkuk, Muthanna and Wasit announced that they were prohibiting movement with other governorates

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