The Ministry of Immigration returns more than 150 Iraqi refugees from Turkey to Iraq


Shafaq News/ The Office of the Ministry of Immigration and Displaced People in Turkey revealed on Wednesday the return of 154 Iraqi refugees from Turkey to the homeland as part of the implementation of the program of free voluntary return through Ibrahim Khalil port in Zakho district affiliated to Dohuk province.

The Director General of the Department of Immigration Affairs at the ministry, Taleb Asghar Dosa said that "the ministry has returned today a new group of Iraqis in the countries of Diaspora (Turkey) as part of its free voluntary return program , as the return trip for Iraqi refugees was from the Turkish provinces of Ankara, Samsun, Kutahya, Eskişehir, Yozkat and Grom.”

"The ministry's office in Turkey, in coordination with the Ministry of Transportation continue to transport the returnees from Turkey by road in buses allocated by the ministry to transport them to their places of origin in the country,” he added.

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