The Iraqi forces announce killing 25 ISIS elements in an airdrop


Shafaq News / The Security Information Cell announced on Monday that 25 ISIS elements were killed and a camp had been destroyed by airdrops south of Makhmour district in Nineveh Governorate.

A cell statement, reported to Shafaq News that "the anti-terrorist agency continues to track the remnants of the ISIS terrorist gangs," explaining that " the anti-terrorist agency after successful operations in Khanouka area of ​​ Hamrin hills in coordination with the international coalition aircraft carried out an airdrop in Korra Jog mountains, south of Makhmour district.

He added that "the forces clashed with terrorist gangs from the dawn of yesterday until the dawn of today with successive air strikes," noting that "the operation resulted in the death of (25) terrorists and the destruction of (9) tunnels, as well as a training camp."

The Security Information Cell announced Monday, that the Special Operations Forces carried out an airdrop on "important targets" from the remains of ISIS, in the mountains of Makhoul within the sector of Salah al-Din operations, noting that a tunnel had been found in the mountains of Makhoul from which the terrorist group took refuge, where three terrorists were killed.

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