MP: I swear to God... People’s demands and demonstrators will not be fulfilled


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi parliament member, Faiq Sheikh Ali said on Saturday that the demands of the Iraqi people and demonstrators will not be fulfilled.

"The demands of the Iraqi people and their demonstrators will not be fulfilled," Sheikh Ali said in a tweet on the social networking site, “I swear to God, they talk about dignity, homeland, guarantees, ending corruption and the abhorrent quota system”.

"The political parties , their leaders and representatives are struggling, marginalizing and competing about their shares in the special grades," he said, adding "the people are in a place and the rulers in another place."

The demonstrations sparked in Baghdad and a number of predominantly Shiite provinces in the center and south of the country to protest against the deterioration of service and economic conditions, the increasing number of unemployed among the youth, and the spread of financial and administrative corruption in state institutions and departments.

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