Joint Iraqi forces launch military operation on ISIS positions


Shafaq News / Joint Iraqi forces launched on Tuesday a military operation on ISIS sites in Salahuddin Governorate.

“ Salahuddin operations command units and the 45, 35, 42 and 6 brigades of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) have launched a military operation from four axes to search for the defeated ISIS remnants within   Makeshifiya area and the areas adjacent to the west of the Tigris River,” A statement from the Security Media Cell, reported to Shafaq.

Security and local sources reported that PMF units were attacked on Saturday dawn by multiple ISIS attacks in the areas south of the city of Tikrit, the local capital of Salahuddin, killing 11 and wounding two members of the PMF

The southeast of Salahuddin is witnessing attacks and continuing security incidents because of the presence of dens and strongholds of ISIS, taking advantage of the rugged geographical nature and the vast areas that witness a security vacuum and a shortage of security.

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