ISIS attempt to infiltrate Iraqi district repelled


Shafaq News / A security source in Salahuddin revealed, on Wednesday, details of foiling Islamic State (ISIS) elements infiltration attempt to the outskirts of Samarra district, southeast of Tikrit.

"A security force from 313th  Brigade in the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), with the participation of intelligence, artillery and missile support, foiled an attempt by ISIS to infiltrate Samarra through " Tal Tokten " area and forced them to flee,” The source reported to Shafaq News.

"Intelligence information received by the Operations Command confirmed that elements of the ISIS enemy intend to infiltrate into Samarra operations sector," stressing that "a tight ambush has been placed outside the sector of responsibility by the security forces and the PMF to confront the terrorist elements and force them to flee."

“Strict security plans have been launched to prevent the infiltration of ISIS elements within the security plan of Ramadan to secure the areas located inside and outside the sector of responsibility in Samarra city,” the source added.

Samarra is located on the east bank of Tigris River in Salahuddin Governorate, 125 kilometers north of the capital, Baghdad, bordered to the north by Tikrit city , to the west by Ramadi and to the east by Baquba, the population of the district is 250 thousand people and the population of the city center is 190,000 people

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