Iraqi Ministry of Health marks a change in Covid-19 course causing surge in death rates


Shafaq News / The reason for the high number of deaths due to Covid-19 virus from last May till now is the return of arrivals to Iraq, the director of Al-Zahra Teaching Hospital, specialized in treating Covid-19 in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, Abbas Al-Husseini revealed

“Arrivals return to Iraq indicate that there is a change in the course and strength of Corona virus and we warned from that earlier,”Al-Husseini, a member in the Health Crisis Cell in Baghdad/Rusafa, told Shafaq News agency.

"Some infections are among youth, who don’t suffer from any chronic diseases, but their conditions deteriorate significantly after the passage of 24 hours or 48 hours, and this indicates that the virus has developed itself and changed its course to become more dangerous."

“Some of the cases arrive late to the hospitals, which caused an increase in deaths, so any one who has the symptoms must review the hospital early   not to let the case get worse without careful medical tests ,” the Iraqi health official added.

A rise in the number of deaths has been indicated with the start of the second wave of the outbreak of the virus in the country, according to statistics of the Ministry of Health of the recent daily epidemiological situations, the deaths reached dozens

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