Iraqi army and Popular Crowd launch four-axis operation on ISIS cells


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi army and the Popular Crowd (Al-Hashed al-Shaabe) factions launched on Tuesday , a four- axis security operation to track down ISIS cells on Jazerra al-Baghdadi area , north of Ramadi city.

A statement from al- Hashd Directorate said that "sectors of al- Anbar popular crowd command, Al-Jazeera operations, the 7th division and Anbar police command police with air support by the Iraqi army started a security operation to search Jazerra al-Baghdadi area to Lake Tharthar north of Ramadi."

He pointed out that "the operation started from four axes, starting from Jazerra al-Baghdadi area to al- Tharthar Lake to track ISIS cells and secure the targeted areas north of Ramadi."

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