Iraq warns of scheme after ISIS elements escape from Al-Hol Prison


Shafaq News / The Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defense Committee issued a warning on Sunday, of an "international plan" to re-organize Islamic State (ISIS) into the country, following the escape of a number of ISIS elements from "Al-Hol" prison in Syria.

The official Syrian "SANA" news agency reported earlier today that a number of ISIS elements have escaped from Al-Hol prison in Hasaka countryside, which is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

"The escape of ISIS terrorists from the Syrian prison comes within a plan to regroup this organization in Iraq and even in Syria," noting that " this plan involves many international parties, led by the United States of America,”Committee member , Karim Aliwi told Shafaq News Agency.

Aliwi called on all Iraqi military units to "tighten the necessary procedures on the borders with Syria to prevent the infiltration of escapees into Iraqi territory, as this is the goal of their escape," stressing " the need for air control on the borders to target any element trying to come close to the Iraqi border."

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi armed forces have launched, on Sunday morning, a military operation in the desert of three governorates, reaching the border with Syria to chase ISIS elements, and named the operation as "Lions of the Al-Jazzera."

ISIS imposed its control on two-thirds of Iraq in mid-2014, after which the Iraqi forces, Peshmerga, and Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), backed by the international coalition led by the United States of America, began operations after 3 years of fighting to defeat the organization militarily.

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