Hours after his abduction ... The body of a civilian activist found in Baghdad


Shafaq News / An Iraqi police source said on Wednesday that the body of a civilian activist had been found hours after he was kidnapped while he was returning from Tahrir Square to his home north of Baghdad.

The source said to Shafaaq News, that the body of the civil activist (Ali al-Lami) was found in Al-Shaab area north of Baghdad, indicating that traces of a wound were observed in the victim's head as he was bleeding from it and as a result of it he died.

The source added that (Al-Lami) had disappeared after returning to Tahrir Square from his home in Al-Shaab area, but his body was found after 12 hours of his disappearance.

 It is worth mentioning that targeting activists supporting the protests in Iraq has increased significantly in the past few days.

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