Haddad discloses a message that Barzani carried to Baghdad


Shafaq News/ Deputy Chairman of the Iraqi Parliament, Bashir Haddad said on Wednesday that the visit of the President of Kurdistan region, Nechirvan Barzani to Baghdad aimed at delivering a message that the region is interested in the situation of Iraq on the background of protests.

Haddad, who attended the president's meetings with the three presidencies, said Barzani's visit to Baghdad at this sensitive time is very important and necessary.

He added that Barzani came to Baghdad to deliver a message that Kurdistan region feels responsible for the situation in Iraq, and is ready to provide any kind of assistance to it.

Haddad said that any undesirable situation may occur in Iraq will reflect Kurdistan region, pointing out that Kurdistan region does not mind any amendment to the Constitution to serve the people of Iraq.

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