al-Sadr calls on to punish the negligent on Al-Hussein Hospital’s fire


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, called on the Iraqi government “to punish those negligent” in the issue of breaking out fire at hospitals.

The leader of the Sadrist Movement said on Twitter, "The government should seek immediate, serious and resolute efforts to punish the negligent in the issue of breaking out fire at hospitals, whether in Nasiriyah or other governorates, regardless of their affiliation... Otherwise, the government, with all its officials, is responsible for what is happening."

Al-Sadr called for accelerating the investigation and announcing its results as quickly as possible, “... Otherwise, we would have another action to preserve the people's safety and dignity."

The death toll from the fire that tore through Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in southern Iraq rose to more than 90, and more than 100 people were injured as authorities faced accusations of negligence from grieving relatives and a doctor who works there.

An investigation showed the fire began when sparks from faulty wiring spread to an oxygen tank that then exploded, police and civil defence authorities said.

It was Iraq's second such tragedy in three months, and the country's president on Tuesday blamed corruption for both. A statement from the prime minister's office called for national mourning.

In April, a similar explosion at a Baghdad COVID-19 hospital killed at least 82 and injured 110.

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