A security operation launched in Karbala after ISIS movements


Shafaq News / The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) announced on Tuesday, launching an inspection operation in "Ain al-Tamr" area in Karbala, after information of the existence of ISIS activity.

The commander of the Central Euphrates Operations of the PMF  , Ali al-Hamdani said in an interview with Shafaq News, "At 6 a.m.surveys and inspections were launched in Ain al-Tamr area with the participation of the security forces, after information on minor movements of ISIS in those areas."

ISIS terrorist organization had adopted last September an explosion that killed 12 people near Karbala city.

The attack adopted by ISIS took place in Karbala city south of Baghdad, where a roadside bombs exploded in a minibus as it passed through an Iraqi army checkpoint, about 10 km south of Karbala, towards Hilla town.

This was followed by inspections by Iraqi forces and PMF to track ISIS cells deployed between Anbar Governorate and the adjacent border to Karbala.

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