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Volfovich: Some 200 refugees waiting for evacuation flight at Minsk airport

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Date: 2021-11-25T11:41:15+0000
Volfovich: Some 200 refugees waiting for evacuation flight at Minsk airport

Shafaq News / The State Secretary of the Belarusian Security Council, Alexander Volfovich, announced today that a plane that was supposed to evacuate Iraqi migrants wishing to return to their homeland did not arrive in Minsk as scheduled.

Volfovich said, “Unfortunately, we see no action on part of the European Union today. According to our information, an evacuation flight was expected to arrive in Minsk from Iraq today to take back the refugees wishing to go home. Not all of them want to go back to Iraq today, because there is information that Kurdistan is witnessing new military activities."

"There is a war going on there. Of course, women and children do not want to go back to the state where there is a war. Some wish to return, though. For some reason, the flight did not come. About 200 migrants are at the airport waiting for the flight,” he added.

According to Volfovich, the EU is still inactive in this situation. “I would say that so far we have seen some sort of EU technical workers that communicate with migrants, watch how Belarus provides assistance to them. Where is the assistance on part of the EU? It is simply not visible. Therefore, Belarus acts and will act as a normal civilized European country in accordance with all international norms and requirements and will comply with all international agreements,” Aleksandr Volfovich said.