Uniting the Shiit home is key to resolving Iraq's political deadlock, KDP and Coordination Framework MPs say


Shafaq News/ Resolving the bitter political deadlock in Iraq is contingent upon an agreement between the two rival Shiite entities in the country, members of the Shiite Coordination Framework and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) parliamentary blocs said on Tuesday.

The head of the KDP bloc in the Iraqi parliament, Harim Agha, told Shafaq News Agency, "we cannot come up with any solutions unless the Shiite hone unites. Their agreement is a key for the agreements between the other political parties."

"Reuniting both, the Shiite and Kurdish homes, are complementary links to pioneer solutions that end the political impasse impeding the formation of the government."

"We are adamant about our position from the position from the presidency of the republic. We hope the Kurdish forces manage to join hands to put an end to this disagreement for everyone's interest."

The member of Al-Fatah's parliamentary bloc, Mohammad Karim al-Baldawi, urged the Coalition for Homeland reconsider to the initiatives that might salvage the political process in Iraq.

"It is imperative to refrain from inciting problems and agree upon a united national approach that settles the unsolved differences.

"The crisis ends when both the Coordination Framework and the trilateral coalition reach an agreement on an initiative or convert to strong opposition that plays the role of the government and the parliament simultaneously."

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